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What can you do with a notebook and a pen?

A lot.

8 x 10 Inches

20 Sheets.


8 x 5 Inches

20 Sheets

6 x 4 Inches

20 Sheets

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8 x 10

  • $17.99

  • Height: 10 Inches

  • Width: 8 Inches

  • 20 Sheets

  • Hardcover Bound

  • *One FREE Correctable Black Fine Tip Pen Included

Accepting only US orders.


8 x 5

  • $14.99

  • Height: 10 Inches

  • Width: 5 Inches

  • 20 Sheets

  • Hardcover Bound

  • *One FREE Correctable Black Fine Tip Pen Included


Accepting only U.S Orders


6 x 4

  • $12.99

  • Height: 6 Inches

  • Width: 4 Inches

  • 20 Sheets

  • Hardcover Bound

  • *Pen NOT Included

Accepting only U.S Orders

Does it smudge on close?

No. Correctable Markers doesn't smudge on closing the notebooks. You can safely place your hands while sketching without any mess and yet can be easily wiped off using a paper towel or with any dry eraser.

Is it water resistant?

Yes. If you accidentally spill a cup of tea or coke, just run the page (make sure you don't wet the book cover) carefully under water until the stains glide away and with little drying time you are good to go.

How many sheets are in the notebook?

Currently our Classic Notebook has 20 Blank sheets. 1 Free Staedtler Correctable Marker included. We will be adding more design styles in future. Binding is on the longer side.

Does it leave any ghosting like classical whiteboards?

No. letterforms is such the perfect dry erase surface, that dry erase markers, regular markers, Sharpie permanent marker, crayons, and other writings that destroy most surfaces like spray paints easily wipe off. Anti-ghosting even after months, our surface is designed to deep clean with just water so our customers can clean without traditional cleaning products! Anti-graffiti. Save money on both the cleaners and maintenance time; this product will stay clean with just an eraser and water on a soft cloth!

Is the cover plastic, hard or soft bound?

Our notebooks comes with a hard cover bound with spiral coil which is sturdy and extra layer prevents from warping. If there is any problem with the notebook, please send us an email.

Are there any videos that I can watch?

Sure, please visit our early videos from Youtube. We are in the process of creating a blog with complete videos. Thank you for your patience.

Sorry, need more info.

please send an email to or use our contact form for any other questions. and we will take care of you. You can always get our updates from our facebook page at